My up-coming book Violet Eyed Alien

One week away from my book coming out!

Two things happening on March 17th- My birthday and my book coming out! Happy birthday to me! I never thought this day would come. I got the book trailer set up, I got my manuscript in it’s final edit. Got the covert art done, and in a few days it will all be set up via create space and amazon. Then I am going to debut the book trailer on March 17th and Violet Eyed Alien will be available to the masses. I cannot wait!


Another sample chapter, I hope you like it


The ball the ball Cinderella had until midnight to enjoy the ball. My god they made it as commercial and so Christmas-y that Santa would throw up. Everything decked to the nines, people dancing to big band music and everyone drinking laughing and having a good time. Sandy has been drinking champagne for the last hour and she is now is a giggly stupor. But she is having fun and I am keeping an eye on her. Alphraner was sitting with me slowly sipping champagne.
“Are you having a nice time?” He asked.
“Yes.” I was staring at the huge Christmas tree and the dancing celebrities who were getting just as drunk as Sandy was.
“Did you want to dance?” Alphraner gave his champagne glass to a passing waitress wearing a black bow tie and was trying as hard as she could to not make eye contact with Alphraner. What a bitch.
“Uh, no we don’t have to besides I don’t know how to dance.”
“Don’t be silly everyone else is doing it, and it doesn’t look hard.” Alphraner took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
“I don’t know…” I did not know how to finish that sentence Alphraner looked at the other people dancing slowly.
“This is simple, you put your hands on my shoulders and I put my hands on your hips.” Alphraner put my hands on his shoulders and he awkwardly put his hands on my fat hips.
“Well I guess we can dance to one song.” I felt weird because I was really starting to like Alphraner but I felt weirder out being that close to him. The band was playing ‘It’s a dream’ by Neil Young I love that song so much. I got closer to Alphraner and we began to slowly prom dance to Neil Young and got absorbed in the lyrics of Neil Young’s sad melancholy like beautiful singing.
“I love this song.” I whispered.
“Yes it is a nice song.” Alphraner held me a bit closer.
“Did you like the bracelet I got you?”
“Yes.” Alphraner seemed pleased.
“Alphraner?” I wanted to tell him how I felt about him but I chickened out.
“Merry Christmas.” Alphraner gave me a slight smile.
“Merry Christmas Glendora.” And we continued dancing.

Two weeks away from Violet Eyed Alien

Like the title says, in two weeks my book Violet Eyed Alien is coming out. It will be available on amazon via print and kindle! I got everything squared away, the cover art, the book trailer, I have been using any venue I can to spread the word! I have been using youtube, facebook, booksie, kboards, and the like and it seems to be working. It will be easier to get peoples interest once the book is actually out but I am happy. I hope that people are interested in it and will read it. I worked on and off on that novel since I was 21 which is something considering I am going to be 29 on the 17th- when my book is coming out (Happy birthday to me!) It has been my baby. It took me years to complete because I had so much going on. Divorce, working full time, getting my manuscript from my ex husband which I did not know that got accomplished, recovering it again from a dead laptop. The difficulty in submitting my manuscript with not much success because this novel does not fit in any one genre. Re reading and editing as much as I could cause I didn’t have the money. I spent so much time on that one to a frustrating level. Doing my own advertising, making my own book trailer, and cover art which is just a modified picture I found on the internet- I refuse to take credit for things I didn’t actually do all my art are modified internet pics, and those pic sources deserve that credit not me. But everything I am doing to promote and print this book has been a one woman journey. A journey I hope that will be worth it in the end because I started it so long ago and it is not just some story I wrote, it is a thing that has been apart of me for so long and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Three weeks away from my book coming out!

I am so excited, in three weeks my book ‘Violet Eyed Alien’ will be available on through print and kindle.My blog got 111 views, so I am killing it like a boss over here. Been hard at work on my book trailer. I also have been promoting my book in anyway I can through Kboards and I hope I am drumming up enough interest.I will add another sample chapter soon and then I will put up a link to my book trailer which I am very excited about! Happy reading!

Another sample chapter for you all to enjoy


Oh Washington D.C. so American and patriotic it is like Uncle Sam threw up all over the city. Our nation’s capital a city you are supposed to feel safe in but I feel like I am on edge, probably because we are actually staying in the White House where the president lives and I feel like a little kid who is staying at an older relatives house uncomfortable and awkward, like you are walking on egg shells as if you move too much in their house you may break something. I am also nervous because the president is having a dinner in Alphraner’s honor and I have to buy a formal dress and some lady I don’t know is helping me buy one.
We were in this classy boutique that looked way too high end for me, and the lady was snooty to me until she realized that I was buying a dress for a dinner party at the White House, suddenly I was worth the lady’s attention. I have never tried on so many dresses and shoes in all my life. The lady who they made me take with her didn’t really talk to me much except for when she told me that they were going to hire someone to do my hair and makeup. She also suggested a manicure, which made me cringe because the thought of nail files raking back and forth against my nails, Alphraner’s right I am neurotic. The lady’s name was Roberta she was wearing a dated pantsuit and was on her cell phone every ten seconds she was short and overweight and she had short dyed auburn hair that was pulled back in a half ponytail, she smelled of soap and some floral perfume. Every time I would ask her a question she gave me some half- ass response like she was not the brightest crayon in the box, so I figured that Roberta was not worth talking to at all.
I feel weird because Alphraner is not with me he is out buying a tux or something, I wish my sister was here but I was promised that I will see her in October I called her before I left the White House, ha- I never thought I would ever say that. I told her how cool it was and I promised that I would steal a towel form the White House and give it to her as a souvenir. Finally I picked out this lovely satin dark maroon short -sleeved gown that came with like a matching shawl or whatever. I picked out black shoes and a black choker with a Garnett stone in the middle and matching Garnett stone earrings. I never dressed up before or even owned anything nice I was starting to get excited I never thought that I would live a life like this I never felt classy or sophisticated before. Imagine, a hick from Tennessee who spent most of her life poor and borderline homeless with a junkie ma and no father would end up being the belle of the ball. The thought of it made me start crying but no one noticed.

Three weeks away from having my book coming out!

I am so excited that my upcoming book is coming out only three weeks away. Getting everything together, got to create an author bio on goodreads, going through amazon to get the novel up and ready, and getting the book trailer in order. Thank you to all who have read my blog. All 91 of you- lol. I hope that you tell anyone who is interested in science fiction about my book because I just want it to get read and have my stories shared. I will up date soon with another sample chapter and I hope you enjoyed the previous samples I have posted on here.

I am one month away from my book coming out!

73 blog views so far, better then no views. I am one month away from my book coming out on amazon. I completed a demo book trailer, hopefully work on an official one with my sister cause I would prefer my own artwork/ vision. Working as hard as I can to spread the word, and in the meantime work on my other book ‘Lithium Tea.’ Hope everyone liked the sample chapters that they read. Update soon!

Another sample chapter for your enjoyment!


The talk show came and went and was dead and gone we were literally were there for three seconds before pandemonium ensued and we had to high tail it out of there, And of course there were more magazine and newspaper articles. Over the course of the last month and a half Alphraner was starting to learn more about Earth culture like for instance he realized that cookies and mustard go horribly together, and that calling someone shit head is not a compliment. He is also starting to like music also; he is into bands like Arcade Fire and Coldplay are some of his more favored bands. Alphraner also has been listening to a lot of Nirvana lately. Go figure. One time we were watching a music video from one of those faggy boy band types. Alphraner said it sounded like ‘the pained screams of a man being castrated.’ This was funny because it was true. I like old music from my ma’s day like Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Veruca Salt, and Coal chamber those types that’s when music was great and the words meant something.
I remember when we were staying at the Fairmont in Los Angeles. They have more than one hotel go figure, presidential suite looks different though we were laying on the floor looking at the pictures we had taken when we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum. We were listening to Arcade Fire laughing at how the pictures turned out.
“ Do you think that they will make a wax figure of you?” I asked Alphraner.
“I hope not all those wax figures were bizarre,” Alphraner sat up and fluffed his pillow and had lain back down. “ And besides who would want to look at me I must be hideous to your people.”
“ I don’t think you are hideous,” I was looking at a picture of me next to a wax figure of Johnny Depp if only he were real in the picture.
“ You are quite flattering, I will give you that.” Alphraner took the picture and looked at it for a moment.
“ Who is this?” He had asked.
“That’s Johnny Depp he played in a lot of Tim Burton movies, he lives in France, his daughter is an author and his other daughter is a model, and I was not flattering you I don’t think you are ugly, people are jerks that’s all.”
“ So you really think I am not ugly?” Alphraner turned on his side and looked at me searching my face for a lie.
“ No I do not I think you are handsome for a green alien, why do you think I am ugly?”
Alphraner shook his head and gave a slight smile.
“ There is no way you could possibly be anything but beautiful.” That made me smile no one ever said I was beautiful.
“ Liar.” I still couldn’t help but smile.

I have decided to use amazon create space so there will be paperback copies of my books!

So far my blog has gotten 58 views. Not great but better then no views. I am going to try real hard this weekend to collaborate trailer ideas with my baby sister. I have wrote down ideas that we can go over. I am also going to use part of my tax return to make my books available in paperback. Create space is an amazon affiliate that specializes in self published paper backs. I have seen reviews and people who have gone this route seemed pleased. It is also the cheapest way to go I have heard. So I may go that route. I am most certainly going to make it available on kindle like I have stated previously and that will be a month in a half away. I am going to update soon with another sample chapter. I hope you share my blog to any other sci-fi fans out there!

55 Views, Killing it over here.

So far my blog has gotten 55 views. Which I guess is not bad cause I created it a few weeks ago, so that is one a day. I am in collaboration with my sister about my book trailer, and am working on my other novel. It is a more intense sci-fi called Lithium Tea. It wont be coming out for awhile now because I am concentrating on this book. I have been spending my time advertising my book through social media- spreading the word. I hope it pays off and I get enough people interested in my book. Another sample chapter coming up soon!